Ms M. Lawrence - Head of Mathematics

Mathematics concerns the analysis of pattern and structure. It is a discipline based on logic, reasoning and the ability to express ideas in a concise and elegant way.

At best, it does not require anything more than a pencil, paper and an inquisitive mind; many people take satisfaction from the eventual resolution of a difficult and demanding problem.

Some people are motivated to study mathematics by its applications to everyday life; others are attracted simply by the elegance and coherence of the subject.

At KS3, students follow the national mathematics programme of study and are taught in their un-streamed forms until the start of Year 9. Opportunities to develop mathematical skills beyond the standard curriculum are embraced through mathematical investigations and participation in national mathematics competitions and challenges. The school has a proud and highly successful record in producing mathematicians of a national standard.

At KS4, students currently take the Higher Tier GCSE examination with the overwhelming majority of students targeting A*. For those students for whom it is appropriate, there is the opportunity to study some of the concepts encountered at AS Level. A proportion of Year 11 students will study and sit the Free Standing Unit in Additional Mathematics.

Regardless of the courses undertaken at KS4, all students are free to choose from the full range of options in the Sixth Form. At KS5 there is an extremely high take-up of Mathematics. Many Sixth Form students opt to study Mathematics and Further Mathematics. in Year 12, with the majority of those students continuing to A2 Further Mathematics. These are delivered in parallel, both as two-year courses. Many students leave St. Olave’s to pursue their mathematical studies at the major universities, including several students, most years, taking up places to read mathematics at either Oxford or Cambridge. 



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