The Onatti Theatre Company presented: “Mon père ne me comprend pas” to KS4 French classes

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12 May 2022

On Wednesday 11th May, the KS4 students who opted for French at GCSE enjoyed a play delivered entirely in target language and centered on the eternal issue of misunderstandings between generations.

It was fun and relevant to the audience because of its many similarities to our students’ life. Hélène doesn't get what she wants for her birthday and wishes for better presents, better family, in fact better everything! When her wishes start to come true she regrets being so greedy and misses normality.

The play was performed by two native French actors. Students were able to follow the story and pick up on the humour, therefore boosting their confidence in the subject.

Wessel (YR9) wrote:

I found the play quite funny and entertaining. It was helpful that the actors used quite simple vocabulary so we could understand and learn how to pronounce the words.

Jawad (YR10) wrote:

Personally, I think that the play was great, because it made me laugh a bit. Besides, the actors were marvellous, and, from time to time, we participated. My favourite scene was when Helene and her father bickered, because her father thought that MacDonalds was a restaurant. Very funny!

Mon pere ne me comprend pas 3