Computer Science in Action Day

18 Nov 2022

On Friday 11 November, Year 12 Computer Science students attended the Computer Science in Action Day trip in The Emmanuel Centre, Westminster.

In five lively sessions experts from academia and industry explored relevant topics that complement the computing curriculum. Speakers included Yee Mun Lee, University of Leeds, who discussed how we can prepare driverless cars for the relative unpredictability of humans.

James Arthur, Oxford University, explored why the search for truth is universal in every field of science and how computer science language ‘Lean’ can provide a proposed solution to some of science problems. Miranda Mowbray, University of Bristol, discussed the algorithms from the 13th Century Venice and how its underlying design has an application to modern day computer science.

It was an enlightening trip which challenged our students to see how the future is revolutionised by the advancement in Computer Science and technology and how they can play their part as a computer scientist in creating a better world of tomorrow for all.