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The School prides itself on creating opportunities for our current and past Olavians to build working relationships with one another and to engage with local schools, enterprises and our local community. We are enormously grateful for the support and ongoing commitment of both our Parents' Association and Old Olavians.

Outreach Work Old Olavians Parents' Association
Joint Community Project Local Residents  

Our Outreach programmes

...engage with children from local schools, providing a  developing programme of Maths, Science and English to raise their aspirations.

THe programmes support and engage our Sixth Form students who opt to join the fundraising Le Chevatois Society

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The Old Olavians

...includes everyone currently or previously associated with the school; parents, pupils, staff and Governors all play their role in shaping the school.

Over the years and from one school site to another, the community has grown in number and diversity, with each individual connected to each other through their link to the school.

Various mechanisms now exist to enable new members to become involved and old members to stay in touch:The Old Olavians Society exists to further friendships and maintain loyalty to the School. It was founded in 1882 and its members are former staff and pupils. It continues to organise a number of events and activities each year.

The Society's website and Facebook page both show future events, and photographs, to ensure as many Old Olavians as possible can keep in touch:

The Society's website: The Society's Facebook page: @OldOlavians

Our Parents' Association

...are an enthusiastic group of parents, who organise a wide range of fund-raising and social events throughout the year to support the school, with Herculean energy and commitment.

The Parents' Association

Joint Community Project and local residents

Our immediate neighbours.

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