Annual Young Olavians Day 2021

13 Sep 2021

Olavians Day

In the annual Young Olavians day fixtures on Wednesday, this year ended in an overall victory for the Young Olavians by three fixtures to two. Thank you to Vice-Captain, Nikhil and Old Olavian, Srikar Namireddy for organising the teams. The results, in the format Current Olavians: Young Olavians, were as follows:

Football 0 (4 pens) 0 (5 pens)
Netball 2 12
Fives 3 5
Basketball 24 16
Rugby 45 21
Overall 2 3

Outcomes aside, this was a day of fine sportsmanship and camaraderie and it was good to catch up with many of our recent leavers as they prepare to go off to university.