Computer Science in Action - Virtual trip

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18 Nov 2020

Year 12 Computer science students attended the Computer Science in Action day on the 4th of Nov 2020 not in Emmanuel Centre London but virtually from home. In five virtual sessions experts from academia and industry (namely Mark Jago, University of Nottingham, Alexandra Cristea, University of Durham, Matthew Scroggs, University of Cambridge, Miranda Mowbray, University of Bristol and Amanda Prorok- University of Cambridge ) revealed computer science at its very best and took our students to the cutting edge in fields of AI and machine learning.

Students were able to explore new algorithms for coordination that solve some of the most pressing problems in transport and logistics. A remarkable lecture on the curious case of a 13th century election algorithm by Miranda where she discussed how an algorithm that was used for over 500 years to determine the ruler of Venice and its underlying design principle turns out to have an application to modern computer science. It was an eye opener trip for our students to see how the future is revolutionised by the advancement in Computer science and technology. The  following screen shots of the online virtual sessions that students attended give a flavour of this event: 

Computer Science in Action Day 1


Computer Science in action Day   2 

Computer Science in action day   3